Sunday, April 4, 2010


Floral prints-
I Just did a photo shoot revolving around this exciting diverse pattern. I absolutley love flowers! they're so sweet, and perfect for spring! Even though they are so girlie they can be made to look more "tough" (Ill show you what I mean when I post pictures from the shoot)

Professional Cameras-
This also has to do with the photo shoot. Latley I've been considering getting a nikon. I think photohrophy would be a fun thing to take up, and I am taking a class in school next year. It would also be amazing to take pictures for my blog! (I know I'd take a ton) Im not a big fan of my olymps digital camera that I have at the moment, So I think I may save up for one. Im going to to have to talk to my neighbor about it though who is a profesional photogropher so he can give me some tips. Anyone have a tips on a good starter camera that isn't too expensive?

Sunny days-
There's nothing like waking up to the sun pouring through your window. It makes me SO happy, I've just felt so much more energized these past few nice days. Hopefully april wont be TOO rainy!

Flip Ultra Hd Camera-
I got mine a few months ago and have had some time to really experience it now. Ill do a legit review on it soon, but I love it!! I've filmed quite a few vlog videos with it lately.

Healthy natural hair-
Im on a quest to achieve it. I;ll blog about it in more detail later. But spring should be all about being natural and healthy!

This also has to do with spring...DRESSES! I love them, like I can't even begin to describe. First of all they make me feel oh so girly. And second of all they are so simple! You can actually just throw one on. You dont have to worry about hoping around you room to get into your jeans, you just simply step into it or put it over your head. They can be dresse up or down, and they just look so clean and out together!

I just re organized all mine so now I have space for a LOT more! I looked through everything and found a lot of stuff I had forgotten about. LOVE IT!


Blonde Highlights-
I used to get them every spring. But now I'm letting my hair get back to its natural red-brown tone. If done right they can look great! and they are great for a subtle change. But I'm so sick of them. I think I may like them a bit more if i didn't do them so often.

Turtle Necks-
I just put away all my winter clothes, and my turtle necks were at the top of the pile. Put them away until next winter!

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