Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 Random Facts

I was tagged in a 5 random facts video on YouTube a few weeks ago, but since I have been way to busy to do any videos I figured I'd just post it on my blog! (since I'm also still trying to figure out how to work this thing)

1-I used to be OBSESSED with ducks, and i mean obsessed. I had the biggest rubber duck collection, I probably could have won a world record for it. I had everything from cowboy duck to doctor duck, you name it I had it. And to spruce that up a little bit I had a duck boarding school. So your typical child would you know, use their doll houses for barbies, but no not me...mine was for my ducks. If i do say so myself though, it was a pretty neat little school. I made everything very detailed; little teeny tiny notebooks, posters for the walls etc. I even had a "pet" duck. Her name is Quackie, and she lives at the lake I usually go to every summer. I always claim I know which one is her because she is "always alone"; I STILL do! haha (but deep down I know it isn't true...but shh!) I have about 5 pairs of duck slippers, and had multiple pieces of clothing with ducks on them when I was younger. All my email names& screen names had to do with ducks (and they still do because I'm too lazy to change them...) In my back yard we have a brook and there are always ducks back their. I'm not as obsessed as I was when I was little, but I still love those ducks.

2-I have two half siblings. I honestly count them as full siblings though, since I've known them my whole life. So all together I have 3 siblings. My half brother and sister are both in their 30's. Dana is married and lives pretty far from me, but she is one of my best friends. She is by far one of THE most amazing people I know. She always knows the right thing to say and is so positive. I wish more than anything that I got to see her more. My other half sibling is Jamie and he is soo funny and caring. We have the same mother but different fathers, but to me it doesn't feel that way at all.

3-All right, this fact is more of a secret that I'm trusting you guys with...I can't talk to much about it since I feel sick just thinking about it...but...I'm absolutely, positively....terrified of oompa loompas. There I said it, now lets move on.

4-I'm really odd when it comes to food. First of all I'm SO picky. I hate: sushi, sea food, pizza, soda, tacos, Mexican food, spicy things, bubbly drinks, most Chinese/Japanese food, really foreign foods, pie, cake, & cupcakes (i know there is a lot more, but I can't think of it right now) I'm pretty good with some plain old dinosaur chicken nuggets, thank you very much. I also get weird food obsessions. Like I'll be so obsessed with a food for a week- a few months and eat it CONSTANTLY, but then one day just hate it. Examples:
-Lucky Charms (my last one)
-English muffins
-Cinnamon toast crunch
-English muffins
-Peanut Butter
-Orange Juice
-Honey Bunches of Oats
I know there's a lot more of this too, since it has been going on my whole life, but I'm drawing a blank right now. But that's pretty bad right?!

5- I have broken 4 bones and had 1 concussion. The first bone was when i broke my foot Irish dancing in the 6th grade. The next year ON THE SAME EXACT DAY i broke my wrist Irish dancing. How freaky is that?? My mom said I wasn't aloud to dance that day the next year, haha. Breaking my wrist was probably one of the worst pains I've ever felt. I was doing a click in the air in front of me with my feet (Its an Irish dance move) and i fell back on my wrist. If you haven't seen my Irish Dance video then you wouldn't know that my classes were one hour away from where I live. So their for I was no where near home, and my friends mom had drove us to practice, and she was out shopping at the time. So there was no one there that I knew. I felt so dizzy and nauseous the whole time. I could barley stand and thought I was going to throw up. I then had to take the long one hour car ride home with just a bag of ice on my arm..but the experience ended in a pink cast so its all good! I then sprained my other wrist Irish dancing. (WARNING: Irish dance is a very dangerous sport). The next thing i sprained was my shoulder. At cheer leading i was basing a stunt and we dropped it and the flyer (my best friend Abbey!) fell on it. She felt so bad! Then later in the cheer season I got a concussion from Abbey falling on me again...she sure does hurt me a lot...I haven't had any injuries since though! Let's hope I can keep it up!

Let me know 5 random facts about you in the comments!


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  1. LOVE YOU <3 haha good, painful times we've hadd ;)
    i love number 3. a lot.
    your amazinggg
    <3 Abbey



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