Thursday, June 3, 2010

Juicy Couture Charms!

Have you been eyeing a Juicy Couture charm bracelet as a splurge for yourself for just about EVER? Or are you thinking about buying it for someone as a graduation gift? Well if you weren't considering it before then you definitely should be now! Back in December my good friends, Elif&Sarah got me and my other good friend Abbey silver charm bracelets. (They come in gold and silver.) And then they both got charm bracelets for themselves, so basically it is like our friendship bracelet, which i think is the cutest thing! I wanted one forever, and I couldn't be happier.

So far on my bracelet I have three charms. My mom bought me a pink megaphone for Christmas (Because I was a cheerleader), I bought myself a 2009 limited edition hot coco cup (It came in a GOLD box, and I got that for myself to kind off remember the winter season), and then recently my mom got me a bluebird (For doing really well in school, and some other reasons)

What I LOVE about charm bracelets is that they are so personal. YOU pick the charms that YOU want on YOUR bracelet! It's all entirely up to you. I think each charm shows something about your personality, and who you are as a person. I really like to pick charms that have some kind of meaning or significance to them, it makes them that much more special.

Since the charms are so expensive (ranging from $48-$62) I RARELY get any charms, but that also makes it a little more special when I do get them, because it's something to really appreciate. You may be asking yourself "why in the world is a charm that much money???" Well these aren't just any old charms. Remember those flat surfaced, tiny, cheap ones you used to collect when you were little? Yeah, these aren't even close. They are actually really big! They are basically pretty good quality, none of mine have broken, but the silver is fading a bit on some of them. Juicy is always coming out with new charms, which I think is so exciting. I'm constantly checking their website.

You can either choose from a silver bracelet or a gold one. (Both started bracelets are $42) I think the silver ones look nicer, BUT the gold ones have WAY more charms! Isn't it odd that the charms only come in one color? and most of them are gold! It's so frustrating to see a charm you want but it not being the right color....I guess soon I'll have to get a gold one. So just be sure to look and see which charms really interest you before you get a certain bracelet.

Here are the newest charms from Juicy:

The charms I'm dying to get:

Great Summer Charms:

Go ahead and cehck otu the Juicy Couture Website to take a closer look at the charms! Leave a comment below if you get anything, or you already have charms!

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