Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blake Lively's Nars Coral Look

I really cannot get over how absoliutley stunning Blake Lively looked at the Costume Institute Ball. First of all her tan is gorgeous, it really makes the electric blue color of the dress pop out. Her hair being pulled back is the perfect choiece, because it really lets you concentrate on the intricite Marchesa dress and her amazing makeup. The coral lip with her skin tone just goes perfectly. Elaine Offers did this makeup look and described it as “a very bronzed springtime fresh look…with lots of coral!” This whole look was created using NARS makeup! (This just makes me want NARS even more than before...see my "Little update" blog post for more on that)

1-On her face she has on Multiple Tint in Beverley Hills.

2-On top of that she has on Nars Orgasm blush .

3-On top of that she has on Nars bronzer in casino.

4-On her lids she has on Nars cream shadow in decameron and nars cream shadow in savage

5-On the inner corner of her eyes she has on Nars soft touch in goddess.

6-On her lips she has layered on Nars lipstick in Niagra, and in Love devotion.

I can't stop looking at this picture of her...I am seriously highly considering getting all the products that she used! I want to recreate this exact look! This even makes me want to go get a spray tan and bring a a picture of her, saying "This is how I want to look!" haha! What do you guys think of this look?

Support Me in The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!

This October I will be walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It's a 2 day walk in which i will walk 39 miles with my older sister and my aunt!

I am walking in memory of both my granmothers who passed away from cancer. I went through life not having them and I dont want any one else to have to go through their own lives with someone missing due to breast cancer. I am also dedicating the walk to Ms. Bassilo, a teacher at my school, who is is currently fighting her battle with breast cancer. Last year I was lukcy enough to be on the youth crew, but this year I am determined to walk the 40 miles of this walk and I need your help! Please donate here to help me rasie $1,800! Every dollar helps! It really means the world to me and so many other people. so please do your part!
Thank you!

PLEASE WATCH VIDEO HERE to see more details!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Update!

Right now I'm lying in bed, curled up under my fluffy white duvet comforter, while my two older brothers are fetching me ice water, and sorbet. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a night, right? Well not exactly, unfortunately I have a fever and I had to stay home from school today. I'm feeling pretty lousy right now but I figured that writing a quick little update blog post may lift my spirits a little!

So first off I found out the other day that I was accepted onto nordstroms BP fashion board! I had to go through an entire application process, which included a huge project! I did a photo shoot (see video here, see blog post here), and then i made a look book with the photos! Thea B.P Fashion Board is a group of teenage girls that were chosen to basically kind off help out at Nordstrom. We get to attend meetings once a month for a year, and help with fashion shows, and other things that I'm not exactly sure of yet. I'll keep you guys updated though :) It's a huge honor and I am beyond excited to be a part of this! I worked SO hard on my application, and this is just reassuring me that I'm taking a step in the right direction towards my career.

In other news today I received my sigma brushes in the mail and the new teen vogue! So it was a very successful mail day :) and the other day I got some NYX stuff in the mail. (*Hint hint*-expect some videos soon!) I am SO obsessed with makeup lately, its crazy! I think I'm going to save some money for some NARS stuff and a few things from Stila, and a lot of drugstore stuff. There's so much stuff I want, I cant even decide!

I've also been looking into facials and different spa treatments lately. I want to try a teen facial, just to like see how it works. I'm very curious about it. I think I may save some money for that. My dream is to one day spend an entire day at a spa complete with massage, facial, mani, pedi, light lunch, spray tan, hair, makeup..."sighhh"...well a girl can dream, right? Let me know if you guys have ever had any spa treatments and what you thought of them!

Monday, May 17, 2010

MAC To The Beach 2010 Collection

I came across the new MAC To The Beach collection while browsing online today and I am just completely smitten with it! The colors and the packaging are so cute! I'm so excited for the launch date on May 27th. I think I may treat myself to one product but I don't know what yet!

(highlight Powder $26)

I think this highlight powder is the CUTEST thing ever! look how detailed the seahorse is, and I love the blend of those metallic colors!This is definitely on the top of my list...

(Lipglass $14)
(Lipstick $14)

I know I must sound so obnoxious but I truly can't stop gushing over this packaging...who wouldn't want lip glosses and lipsticks as cute as these for summer?!

(Cream Bronzer $25)

I've been looking for a good bronzer for a bit now and I'm highly considering getting this one because A) Look how cute it is! and B) It's a cream bronzer, and I am a huge fan of cream!

And just a few more things that look quite adorable...

(Bronzing Powder $22)

(Powder Blush $18.50)

(Eyeshadow $14.50)

(Lip pencil $13-top two)
(Eye Khol $14.50-Bottom two)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Trends I'm Dying to Try!


I've been seeing a lot of "beige" outfits latley. I think having an entire outfit in different shades of a neutral tone is so sleek and sophisticated. It's deffinetly a fresh new look to try this spring.

A way to give this look a little oomph is to add a smoking hot luscious red lip!

If all neutrals are too boring for you then add a splash of light pink!


I LOVE the whole nautical look that has been going on for years now. But the one thing that has patricullary stood out to me lately has been these loose striped boatneck tops. I can totally picture wearing one of these with some really skinny dark washed jeans tucked into a hot pair of brown leather boots. Can you say tres chic?


You know that dress you wore to your cousins graduation last year thats just gathering dust in the back of your closet? Well wipe the dust off of that baby and wear it to any occasion by pairing it with a cardigan! A nice light cardigan can really make a fancy outfit look more casual. I think this look works best with a more form-fitting dress since the cardigan is looser.

A way to make this outfit pop a little more is to add a statment necklace! (see next post)


I have been SO obsessed with jewlery lately! But most of all neckalces! I don't have to many but I'm dying to try some of these statment pieces


This trend frustrates me to no end, however I'm determined to achieve this look. Honestly I've only tried on a few rompers in the past but I always get so annoyed with them...they never seem to flatter my body type. I've also kind of stayed away from them since they seem like sucha hard trend to tackle correctly. Part of me feels like these will only work on stick thin girls, but I want to find a way to make it work for me! I'm going to keep on trying, maybe a simple black one would work for me? Leave a comment with any tips.

(if you want to know where anything is from leave a comment!)

Coastal Scents Haul-Video

watch the video here!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

100 Things I want to do!

Have you guys seen the MTV show "The Buried Life"? ITS ONE OF MY FAVE! If you've been watching my videos for a while you probably have heard me talk about it. Anyways its a show where these guys are going on a journey to do everything on the list that they made. SO I decided to make my own list:

1-Learn to surf

2-Plant a tree

3-Learn to belly dance

4-Reach ideal weight

5-Take up photography

6-Host a chic tea party

7-See every Audrey Hepburn movie

8-Get blond hair

9-Learn calligraphy

10-Learn to snowboard

11-Do 100 push ups in a row

12-Wrote fans letters to all my favorite celebrities

13-Have someone paint my portrait

14-Shower in a waterfall

15-Get my fortune told

16-Don't talk for a day

17-Don't go on face book for a month

18-Turn off cell for a week

19-Free hugs day in NYC (see inspiration here)

20-Be able to do 20 pull ups

21-Take a spontaneous road trip

22-Write an anonymous love letter

23-Visit machu picchu

24-Write a book

25-See a movie alone

26-Try on wedding dresses for fun

27-Ride horseback on a beach

28-Train for kickboxing (Legit)

29-See Cirque Du Solei (live)

30-Visit Pearl Harbor Memorial


32-Water ski

33-Ride highest roller coast

34-Give to a charity anonymously

35-Kiss a stranger

36-Skinny dip

37-Be in an audience at a talk show

38-Watch space shuttle launch

39-Go to a midnight movie premiere

40-Kiss blarney stone

41-Have my dream career

42-Go to a fashion show at NYC Fashion Week

43-Fall in love <3

44-Own a tiny purse puppy

45-Jump off a cliff in Greece (into the ocean!)

46-Go on a safari in Africa

47-Live like a local for a month in a foreign country

48-Dance tango in Argentina

49-Ride an elephant in Africa

50-Ride a camel in a desert

51-Have a croissant in a french cafe

52-Volunteer abroad

53-go to a pyramid at sunset

54-Go to a carnival in Brazil

55-Get married in the beach

56-Swim with dolphins

57-Scuba dive at the great barrier reaf

58-Attend the Olympics

59-Stay at a spa on a tropical island

60-go in a helicopter

61-Fly international first class

62-Spend a week at the Ritz Carlton

63-Send a message in a bottle (through the ocean?)

64-Party in Vegas

65-See fireworks from the top of the Eiffel tower

66-Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans

67-Climb an active volcano

68-Start a blog (CHECK!!)

69-become a parent

70-Have a star named after me

71-Visit a concentration camp

72-Got to college

73-Spend a night in a haunted house

74-See a unique animal species in Madagascar

75-Cross a glacier on foot

76-Kiss in the rain

77-Take a hot air balloon ride

78-Pet a polar bear

79-Run a marathon

80-Irish Dance in Ireland (If you want to see me Irish dance click here)

81-Do yoga in Japan

82-Learn to Latin Ballroom Dance

83-Sleep in a tree house


85-Learn to read tarrot cards

86-Go in a bi plane

87-Stay at the ice hotel

88-Walk on the great wall of China

89-Take a road trip across the US

90-Build a habitat for humanity house

91-Be an extra in a film

92-Be a vegetarian for two weeks

93-Bungee jump

94-Drink at a pub in Ireland

95-Learn to make candles

96-Start a fruit/vegetable garden

97-Milk a cow

98-Drive a race car

99-Get tattoo

100-Try escargot (CHECK!)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheap Foundation!-Tiny Haul

The other day I stopped by CVS. Desperate need for foundation+small amount of $=getting the cheapest foundation you can find=cover girl true blend foundation!

So if you were not able to comprehend the equation above, I got the cover girl true blend foundation. Now for being the cheapest one there I honestly don't think the quality is bad at all. I think it was about $11.50? (Some one please correct me if I'm wrong) The only problem I have with it is that I think the color has the TEENIEST orange hint. So that was really a matter of choosing the wrong color. Overall the product is pretty normal. Has a nice consistency, is creamy, not too soupy, and spreads nicely. I think for the price it was very nice. But if you do have very sensitive skin then I would probably recommend to look else where. But if your looking for a foundation to hold you over for a bit then I'd say go for this. I'm not saying this is the top product of the year, but it is good.

I also picked up Glamour magazine, and I had to take a picture for your guys because I was so excited about this months! Lauren Conrad is on the cover and she is one of my FAVORITE people! I saw the magazine so many times, and since I'm trying to save my money I made myself not get it...but eventually I had to give in, and I'm glad I did. This months issue is fabulous. I read it all while babysitting, and I plan to read it again ASAP. you need to go pick it up!!

A Day in Central Park!

I went to the city today with my friends! here are some pictures (These were taken without the intention of being out on my blog, so I didn't really get any good fashion pictures) A lot of the pictures were taken in central park.

Bag-Nine WEst
Jewlery-Nine West

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