Saturday, April 17, 2010

Porridge Soap Review-Lush

I just finished using my porridge soap from lush and I have mixed opinions about it. I cut the soap into three pieces and each piece lasted about three showers, which isn't that much if you ask me. Yea it's an okay amount but for $5.95 it is definitely not enough. It has a pretty basic scent., not too strong, but not too soft.

This soap is extremely rough on my skin, there for I use it more as an exfoliator (I think most people who have this soap do the same) When I rub it on it does have a small lather to it, which is a lot more than my other lush soaps that don't lather at all. This soap is infused with real pieces of oats, which is a cool idea until they fall all over the tub, leaving behind a large mess that I have to clean up...When i first used the soap it really irritated my skin, but fortunately after a while I got used to it.

Here is how lush describes the soap:
"When you're in a rush on those early mornings you may consider eating breakfast in the shower. At we LUSH prefer feeding our skin in the shower and saving the real food for afterward. We put real oats and fresh organic orange juice in this deliciously nutritious soap, making it a cleansing and exfoliating multi-tasker. Oats soften and slough away dead skin while orange juice and sweet orange oil gently cleanse the skin."

Overall I think this soap was okay. I highly doubt I would purchase it again because it was too expensive. Still am not too happy with lush...
Let me know your opinions on this soap!

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