Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photo Shoot!

I'm applying for the junior fashion board at Nordstrom, and in order to apply you have to go through his huge application process! I have to write a few essays, get letters of recommendations, find my transcript, and do a project. So for the project I decided to put together a scrap book (kind of like a look book) of sketches, and pictures of a photo shoot I styled. The theme is leather meets floral. I love the contrast of the the tough dark leather with the floral patterns, it really lightens it up. I'm going to make sketches to go along with the pictures and then put it all in a pretty scrap book, hopefully I'll go to A.C Moore one night this week to get some supplies. Anyways, yesterday I did the photo shoot portion of the project (It was thrown together really quickly, hopefully soon I'll do a bigger one for my portfolio) but I really liked how the pictures came out! Take a look and let me know what you think! (The first picture is me!)

Check out this video to see more pictures!


  1. I love all the looks but don't really like how contrasted the pictures are i love pic number 2 but in pic number 3 its almost blindly white. But i do like the contrast in most pictures

  2. you guys look absolutely stunning!
    keep posting more (:
    Love, Bogaards



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