Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Back in November I was in the city with my friend Sarah and we came by this lovely little place on Broadway. The outside of the store looked very sleek-fairly similar to Mac. Inglot makeup is a European line of makeup that was recently brought to the U.S. The only store is in NYC, but I'm sure there will be more popping up soon because this store is just too amazing not to spread all over.

Their products are fabulous! To see my haul on what I got you can watch the video here. I got quite a few products that work so well! If you want to see a look I made with them click here.

When we walked into the store we were greeted by a friendly man and women. You know how some employees will bother you to no end while you shop? Well, here it wasn't so bad. They politely offered assistance, but they weren't overly persistent. The makeup was all lined up nicely, and it all had a very chic cohesive design to it. I loved how everything looked so neat and orderly.

After looking around for a bit I told the sales lady that I was looking for a "neutral look". She then told me to sit down in the makeup chair and proceeded to give me a COMPLETE makeover for free! That's something you don't get every where! And I loved it! Afterwards she helped me figure out what products I could get with my budget.

The prices there were even better than Macs, and the quality of some of the things were better as well. I'm not a big Mac person so I'm not extremely familiar with their makeup, but I do have some things from there. I think Inglot is just as good, if not better in basically all aspects from design to quality.

If you're ever in the NYC area you HAVE to go to inglot! If you are no where near NYC then check out their website. You are not yet able to order from there, but you can still take a look at their products. Hopefully soon you'll be able to order from it.

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