Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obsession of the Moment

As I'm writing this post I'm sitting on my front porch feeling ever-so-fabulous in this rare April 90 degree weather. I'm rocking my over sized shades, my freshly manicured bubble gum pink nails, all while sipping my ice water as the light breeze blows my hair across my neck. I've got my Cocker Spaniel napping next to me as well as my cell phone that wont stop buzzing with new texts from my friends. Ahhh life is good....

Isn't it the worst when about two days after getting your hair done all that shine, and bounce begin to fade? Do you always wonder how you can get that same salon treatment at home, but have never found the right product? Well girls your search has ended here. About a month ago my hair stylist gave me the chi silk infusion to test out, and all i can honestly say is Oh.My.God.

The Chi Silk Infusion works its magic by doing multiple things:
1-It strengthens your hair
2-It makes your hair feel SO soft! (just like at the salon) I know there are so many products that people say do that, but this is the only one that has ever worked this well for me. I never knew it was possible for a product to make your hair this silky. I always thought it was the professional hair stylist. (not saying they don't do an amazing job, just that it IS possible to get similar results at home)
3-It makes your hair feel light, and gives it a nice bounce that makes your hair sway back and forth as you strut down the street. As long as you put the amount in that your supposed to your hair will feel so flow-y (It will be just like you're in a shampoo commercial! Just don't break your neck from flipping our hair so much!)

How you use this product makes it so simple! There is no scrunching, or brushing, or hard rubbing that could cause damage and breakage. When your hair is dry put the TINNIEST drop into your hand. I Actually place it onto my finger. (Think the size of a dime. This product can be very oily and greasy if you use too much) Mix it between your hands and work evenly through out your hair. My tip would be to stay away from your roots or it will make them very oily. Just leave it in and continue with styling!

It comes in two different sizes the bottles. The one I got was 2 ounces, compared to the large bottle that is 6 ounces. I've it for at least two months now and I don't think its even a quarter of the way done. If I ever run out I will definitely be re-purchasing it! This product has made me want to go try other Chi products. It's affordable and works wonders!

Let me know your opinion on this product. or if you want to get it, or any other Chi products you love!


  1. Hello lovely! Your day Sounded very swish! lol I write my blog in between house work! haha Not quite as fancy :P Your blog looks great so far! Really got to get my hands on these hair products sound delish. I'm off to check out your youtube vids now! xx

  2. I want to try the chi stuff so bad lol!



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