Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Trends I'm Dying to Try!


I've been seeing a lot of "beige" outfits latley. I think having an entire outfit in different shades of a neutral tone is so sleek and sophisticated. It's deffinetly a fresh new look to try this spring.

A way to give this look a little oomph is to add a smoking hot luscious red lip!

If all neutrals are too boring for you then add a splash of light pink!


I LOVE the whole nautical look that has been going on for years now. But the one thing that has patricullary stood out to me lately has been these loose striped boatneck tops. I can totally picture wearing one of these with some really skinny dark washed jeans tucked into a hot pair of brown leather boots. Can you say tres chic?


You know that dress you wore to your cousins graduation last year thats just gathering dust in the back of your closet? Well wipe the dust off of that baby and wear it to any occasion by pairing it with a cardigan! A nice light cardigan can really make a fancy outfit look more casual. I think this look works best with a more form-fitting dress since the cardigan is looser.

A way to make this outfit pop a little more is to add a statment necklace! (see next post)


I have been SO obsessed with jewlery lately! But most of all neckalces! I don't have to many but I'm dying to try some of these statment pieces


This trend frustrates me to no end, however I'm determined to achieve this look. Honestly I've only tried on a few rompers in the past but I always get so annoyed with them...they never seem to flatter my body type. I've also kind of stayed away from them since they seem like sucha hard trend to tackle correctly. Part of me feels like these will only work on stick thin girls, but I want to find a way to make it work for me! I'm going to keep on trying, maybe a simple black one would work for me? Leave a comment with any tips.

(if you want to know where anything is from leave a comment!)

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