Tuesday, May 4, 2010

100 Things I want to do!

Have you guys seen the MTV show "The Buried Life"? ITS ONE OF MY FAVE! If you've been watching my videos for a while you probably have heard me talk about it. Anyways its a show where these guys are going on a journey to do everything on the list that they made. SO I decided to make my own list:

1-Learn to surf

2-Plant a tree

3-Learn to belly dance

4-Reach ideal weight

5-Take up photography

6-Host a chic tea party

7-See every Audrey Hepburn movie

8-Get blond hair

9-Learn calligraphy

10-Learn to snowboard

11-Do 100 push ups in a row

12-Wrote fans letters to all my favorite celebrities

13-Have someone paint my portrait

14-Shower in a waterfall

15-Get my fortune told

16-Don't talk for a day

17-Don't go on face book for a month

18-Turn off cell for a week

19-Free hugs day in NYC (see inspiration here)

20-Be able to do 20 pull ups

21-Take a spontaneous road trip

22-Write an anonymous love letter

23-Visit machu picchu

24-Write a book

25-See a movie alone

26-Try on wedding dresses for fun

27-Ride horseback on a beach

28-Train for kickboxing (Legit)

29-See Cirque Du Solei (live)

30-Visit Pearl Harbor Memorial


32-Water ski

33-Ride highest roller coast

34-Give to a charity anonymously

35-Kiss a stranger

36-Skinny dip

37-Be in an audience at a talk show

38-Watch space shuttle launch

39-Go to a midnight movie premiere

40-Kiss blarney stone

41-Have my dream career

42-Go to a fashion show at NYC Fashion Week

43-Fall in love <3

44-Own a tiny purse puppy

45-Jump off a cliff in Greece (into the ocean!)

46-Go on a safari in Africa

47-Live like a local for a month in a foreign country

48-Dance tango in Argentina

49-Ride an elephant in Africa

50-Ride a camel in a desert

51-Have a croissant in a french cafe

52-Volunteer abroad

53-go to a pyramid at sunset

54-Go to a carnival in Brazil

55-Get married in the beach

56-Swim with dolphins

57-Scuba dive at the great barrier reaf

58-Attend the Olympics

59-Stay at a spa on a tropical island

60-go in a helicopter

61-Fly international first class

62-Spend a week at the Ritz Carlton

63-Send a message in a bottle (through the ocean?)

64-Party in Vegas

65-See fireworks from the top of the Eiffel tower

66-Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans

67-Climb an active volcano

68-Start a blog (CHECK!!)

69-become a parent

70-Have a star named after me

71-Visit a concentration camp

72-Got to college

73-Spend a night in a haunted house

74-See a unique animal species in Madagascar

75-Cross a glacier on foot

76-Kiss in the rain

77-Take a hot air balloon ride

78-Pet a polar bear

79-Run a marathon

80-Irish Dance in Ireland (If you want to see me Irish dance click here)

81-Do yoga in Japan

82-Learn to Latin Ballroom Dance

83-Sleep in a tree house


85-Learn to read tarrot cards

86-Go in a bi plane

87-Stay at the ice hotel

88-Walk on the great wall of China

89-Take a road trip across the US

90-Build a habitat for humanity house

91-Be an extra in a film

92-Be a vegetarian for two weeks

93-Bungee jump

94-Drink at a pub in Ireland

95-Learn to make candles

96-Start a fruit/vegetable garden

97-Milk a cow

98-Drive a race car

99-Get tattoo

100-Try escargot (CHECK!)

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