Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheap Foundation!-Tiny Haul

The other day I stopped by CVS. Desperate need for foundation+small amount of $=getting the cheapest foundation you can find=cover girl true blend foundation!

So if you were not able to comprehend the equation above, I got the cover girl true blend foundation. Now for being the cheapest one there I honestly don't think the quality is bad at all. I think it was about $11.50? (Some one please correct me if I'm wrong) The only problem I have with it is that I think the color has the TEENIEST orange hint. So that was really a matter of choosing the wrong color. Overall the product is pretty normal. Has a nice consistency, is creamy, not too soupy, and spreads nicely. I think for the price it was very nice. But if you do have very sensitive skin then I would probably recommend to look else where. But if your looking for a foundation to hold you over for a bit then I'd say go for this. I'm not saying this is the top product of the year, but it is good.

I also picked up Glamour magazine, and I had to take a picture for your guys because I was so excited about this months! Lauren Conrad is on the cover and she is one of my FAVORITE people! I saw the magazine so many times, and since I'm trying to save my money I made myself not get it...but eventually I had to give in, and I'm glad I did. This months issue is fabulous. I read it all while babysitting, and I plan to read it again ASAP. you need to go pick it up!!

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